Yoga Therapy

Rehabilitate beyond your previous levels of strength and fitness and learn how to create a stronger, more resilient mind and body for life.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Yoga is a great holistic approach to rehabilitation as it encourages us to move, breath and even rest in a mindful way.  It helps us acknowledge how the body is connected from head to toe and how deeply connected it is to our mind.

This awareness helps develop great insight in to how our habits might be contributing to, or compensating for an injury.  It even highlights how thoughts, feelings and beliefs could be effecting the recovery.

Yoga is perfect for injury rehabilitation as it focuses on body alignment which ensures that strengthening, stretching or dynamic exercises are performed in a safe and efficient way.  Yoga develops strength, control and flexibility evenly and functionally throughout the body so you can expect to rehabilitate beyond your pre injury levels of fitness and develop a more efficient and resilient body for the future.

Get in touch with Vicky to discuss your needs and find out how Yoga and Movement can help put you on the path to recovery and beyond.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain usually occurs when the nervous system learns to become hyper vigilant and sends signals of pain way before there is any threat of damage or harm to the body.  It’s like an over sensitive fire alarm that goes off the minute you put the toast in the toaster so pain can be triggered by the most innocuous stimuli.

Luckily there are ways of training the nervous system to calm down and transmit less signals that are perceived as pain.  In chronic pain, the nerves and soft tissues need lots of reassurance that the movement, touch or thought that is triggering the pain is not actually causing the body any harm.

Retraining and reassuring the nervous system can be achieved through repetition and very gently progression of relaxed, purposeful and mindful movements and that is exactly what Yoga Therapy can be.   This is not an overnight cure, it requires commitment and patience but with time, the body, brain and nervous system will gain confidence in knowing that the body is not under threat and so innocuous stimuli like movement, touch or an emotion that previously triggered the pain are less likely to do so.

Vicky is both empathetic and knowledgeable and her priority is helping clients understand their pain and empower them to manage it with yoga, movement and mindfulness.  This is an active therapy that will involve a mixture of talking, movement and guided relaxation.  All sessions are individual 1:1 sessions that can take place at your home or a local clinic.  If you want to book or discuss how Yoga can help you, please get in touch.

Back Pain

Back pain can be triggered by a specific injury but most often, pain that persists is a result of habitual poor posture, faulty movement patterns  that create imbalances of strength and flexibility throughout the body or dysregulation of the nervous system. These imbalances result in excessive stress being put through certain joints or tissues of the spine and pelvis resulting in activation of the nerves that transmit the message of pain.

Back pain can often be managed by realigning the posture (from head to toe) and reducing stress through the joints and tissues of the body – but this takes work.  The key to change is developing an understanding and awareness of your own body and mind.  How you habitually move, stand, sit or lie or where in your body you hold tension when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.  With increased awareness of how your whole body moves, how your thoughts and beliefs effect your posture and movement and how you compensate for stiff or weak areas you can start to become your own therapist and instinctively identify what might be exacerbating your pain or how you might be able to relieve it.

In these 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions you will work with Vicky to identify what might be aggravating your symptoms and how you can use Yoga to address imbalances of strength or flexibility or manage emotions that might be exacerbating your pain.

Relaxation & Stress Management

Yoga encourages us to pay full attention to our body and breath so that every movement and breath is performed with complete consciousness. Yoga encourages us to be non judgemental and accepting of what we observe n our mind or body at any time.  This focus on being curious and accepting of what ‘is’ creates a quietening of the mind and a sense of calm and peace within us.  This state can create a space to acknowledge and process emotions or experiences that might feel ‘stuck’ in our body.  This practice can be valuable to aid relaxation and manage stressful situations throughout everyday life.  Yoga is not about performing perfect poses or movements.  It is about using the postures to help tune into ourselves and develop a deeper understanding of our own mind and body and then using that insight to foster more strength and resilience within ourselves.

All sessions are individual 1:1 sessions that can take place at your home or a local clinic.  If you want to create some calm in your life or want to try Yoga and Movement as a way to relax and manage stress, get in touch with Vicky today.