Yoga & Movement

Find out how you can use Yoga and Movement to develop a stronger, more agile and resilient body and mind.

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Why move?

We are built to MOVE!  To twist and turn, climb and squat, flex and extend, reach and lunge, push and pull, skip and jump.  Everything about us works and feels better when we move but unfortunately most of us don’t move enough – you know, really move our bodies.

No matter what your level of ability or health, Vicky wants to help you use movement to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and performance today.

What about Yoga?

Applying the principals of yoga to movement takes the benefits to another level.

Yoga teaches you to bring complete awareness to your body during movement.  With practice, this ‘tuning in’ becomes habitual and enables you to instinctively move, breathe and hold yourself in an efficient and natural way.

Modern life can be fast paced and hectic.  In general, most of us have far more stress than rest in our lives but yoga can help restore some balance.  Practicing moving with full attention to the body and breath creates a quietening of the mind.  It’s a form meditation or mindfulness.  It helps calm the nervous system which inhibits stress and promotes healing.  Some stress is crucial to our existence and development but too much is detrimental to our health so finding ways to counter stress and create calm in ourselves and our lives are perhaps the most valuable things we can do to promote health, wellbeing and longevity.

Finding calm is not all about rest though.  Yoga can challenge the body and mind to work harder, differently or for longer but the key to the calm is practicing with unwavering  focus, remaining one hundred percent connected to yourself and the moment.  Practicing yoga teaches you to listen to and honour your body’s needs which is a valuable lesson both on and off the yoga mat.  Maybe now is the time to challenge yourself – work a bit harder!  Or maybe it’s not.

We’re often too tough on ourselves and focused on what we should, could, or did do.  Practicing being completely present in our bodies and accepting what is, right now encourages kindness and compassion – to ourselves and the world around us.  Practicing being kind, compassionate and accepting of ourselves creates more feelings of positivity, optimism and gratitude in all aspects our lives.

Why not book a 1:1 session or get a small group together and find out how you can use Yoga and Movement to improve your health, wellbeing or physical performance today.