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OXYTOCIN. Why we need to feel relaxed, safe and secure during birth.


Yes!  Absolutely Yes.  Birthing your baby is the most natural thing and you really are made to do this.

As counter intuitive as it may seem the more relaxed, passive and accepting you are the easier it will be for Mother Nature to take over and birth your baby for you.


Imagine a pregnant animal in the wild.  From a survival perspective it would be crazy for it to give birth into a threatening environment so nature has a clever protective system in place to ensure that labour and uterine contractions are prevented in the presence of fear.  Feelings of fear in animals and humans trigger the ‘Flight or Fight’ response which creates a flood of adrenaline through the body and It is this adrenaline that inhibits the production of OXYTOCIN, the most important hormone in initiating and maintaining labour.

In simple terms ADRENALINE, which is produced in response to fear or when we feel stressed or under threat INHIBITS LABOUR.  And OXYTOCIN, which is produced when we feel relaxed, safe, secure and loved PROMOTES UTERINE CONTRACTIONS AND SUPPORTS LABOUR.

So basically, we want to boost oxytocin and minimise adrenaline and here are a few things to think about to get you doing just that…