Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

Pregnancy Yoga

Come along to my Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Class to learn how you can  develop a strong, resilient body and a calm, confident mind as you approach the birth of your baby.

Naturally, pregnant women want to do the very best for their growing babies and instinctively it’s a time to make positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle.  It is the ideal time to take up yoga.  Pregnancy yoga requires no previous experience.  Experienced yogis and their babies will get great benefit from the classes however it is unlikely to provide the same physical challenge as their regular yoga class. 

Pregnancy yoga creates a calm space for pregnant women to relax, be quiet and connect to their body and growing baby.  It is perfect preparation for a gentle birth, whether delivering vaginally or by cesarean section as it enables women to practice techniques that will keep them calm, grounded and connected to their baby throughout the delivery.

Keeping strong and maintaining good posture is invaluable to both mother and baby.   Pregnancy yoga uses postures and flowing sequences to mobilise joints, maintain strength and fitness and generally counter the effects that a growing baby has on a women’s body.  Gentle stretches and movements are used to help create space for the baby and ease any discomfort that might develop during the pregnancy. 

In every class we focus on the pelvic floor muscles – strengthening and releasing them.  This is invaluable preparation for a vaginal birth but also vitally important to women who have a cesarean section as all women will benefit from specific training to restore pelvic floor muscle strength and function post pregnancy.

Last, but definitely not least, pregnancy yoga is a great way to meet other women who are embarking on the same miraculous, life-changing experience as you.  You can not overestimate the friendship, reassurance and support you get from other women going through motherhood at the same time as you.  The postnatal period and becoming a parent is such a precious time, full of wonder and joy and it’s fun to be able to share the experience and emotions with others who are in the same boat.  Pregnancy and motherhood can also be exhausting, overwhelming and lonely at times so having people you can talk honestly and openly to, who you know are experiencing the same challenges as you, can be incredibly cathartic and reassuring too.

The Birth Preparation Class

An informative and practical class that equips women and their birth partners with the knowledge and skills they need to experience a positive, gentle birth.


Most women are exposed to negative messages about birth from a young age so it is completely understandable that many face labour with a sense of fear or apprehension.  The reality is, labour can be hard work and for most women it will involve very intense sensations but amazingly our bodies are designed to do it and it is often our minds that work against us.

The Birth Preparation Class helps women and their birth partner identify ways they can eliminate fear and create a positive, relaxed environment that makes them feel calm and confident throughout their labour.

This is not about achieving a certain type of birth.  We can’t control that so we probably shouldn’t try.  These classes are about learning to free your fear to enable your body and baby to move, open and release in labour as nature intended.  May be you’ll deliver the baby yourself, or maybe you’ll do it with medical assistance.  Maybe you’ll do it with an epidural, or maybe you won’t.  The classes encourage women and their birth partners to let go of the outcome (or the ‘perfect’ birth they want) and to focus on what they can control throughout the delivery like relaxation techniques, movements, positions, breathing and other factors that will assist mother and baby through the process of labour and during the delivery of the baby.

These are private classes tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of each couple.  They use a combination of education, discussion, relaxation, principals of sports psychology and movement to give couples the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for a positive, gentle birth.  These sessions usually take place in the comfort of your own house.  Get in touch to book or find out more.

Postnatal Rehabilitation

Regain your strength, realign your posture and learn to protect your spine, pelvis, abdominals and pelvic floor after the birth of your baby.


Your body has just gone on the most miraculous journey of adaptation and change.  Congratulations mamma!  With time and nurturing you can regain your old form and strength but patience is key.  Too many women (and I speak for myself) are impatient to get back to their previous levels of fitness and this usually comes at a price.  It is so important to respect the challenges and changes your body has gone through and the effects they have had on your posture, strength, soft tissues and your ‘self’.  In the sleepless months after giving birth you are inevitably tired and your post pregnancy muscle strength and control is compromised so you are far more susceptible to injury.

In these 1:1 private Postnatal Recovery sessions you will gain a deeper awareness in to how your body has changed during the pregnancy.  This will help you restore good posture, reactivate your pelvic floor and core muscles and safely and effectively rebuild your strength and resilience back to and beyond your pre pregnancy levels.  These sessions are a valuable time for new mothers to reconnect with their bodies, take time to nurture themselves and recover from the pregnancy and birth.  The sessions take place at home, with or without your baby, so they can always be adapted to accommodate the needs of you as a mother and your baby at any time throughout the class.