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Positive Birthing Affirmations

Some women and their birth partners love affirmations and find they given them strength, positivity and a sense of calm throughout labour.  Other women don’t like them at all.  Have a look through and see if any of these resonate with you.  If they do, hold onto them and repeat them over the coming weeks and months of pregnancy.  If they don’t, let them go.  There are other ways to connect to your inner calm, strength and positivity when you need to.  Find out more here about The Positive Birth Movement


“I can do anything for a minute”

“Amazing things are happening to me”

“My Job is simply to relax and let the birth happen”


“Birth is normal and natural”





“I am not afraid.  I Was born to do this”


“I relax my jaw.  I quieten my mind.  My body will open.  My baby will come”

“Soft hands, soft feet, soft jaw”

“I am prepared for whatever birth my body and baby need”